Walter Günthers Inventions


As a nod to the actual heritage of the wire goods, we now leave a bit of the threaded end of the spoke visible on the paper clip. That inspired me to come up with a new poster. Advertising photographer Matthias Wenger did his magic and the Fechenheim Wire Goods Poster was born!

The Book

An illustrated book about the curious inventions of Walter Günther, a Frankfurter master locksmith.
Photographer Matthias Wenger presents Günther’s anachronistic technology in around 180 stunning pictures. Marvel at completely new interpretations of such everyday items as a corkscrew, a lighter and a potato cooker.
The pictures are accompanied by Günther’s sublime explanations, sketches and illustrations. Craftsmanship and creativity merge into a completely altered perception of progress.

128 pages, dimensions: 27×25 cm
Text German/English
ISBN: 978-3-938783-79-5
Price: € 29.90
Buchhandlung an der Paulskirche
Kornmarkt 3
D-60311 Frankfurt/M.
Phone +49-(0)69-285442
E-Mail: buchhandlung-paulskirche [at] t-online [dot] de

His workshop is a world of long forgotten memories; of childhood dreams lodged somewhere between Pan Tau and Jules Verne.


Aesthetic masterpieces for profane purposes.

Oskar Mahler

Not only to fans of mechanical gadgetry will iPhones and the like seem so passé in comparison to the inventions of this craftsman.

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